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Coordonnées de l'école
Ecole nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière
ENS Louis-Lumière - La Cité du Cinéma - 20 rue Ampère
Saint-Denis (France)
01 86 67 00 01


  • Ligne 13 - carrefour Pleyel (sortie 2 Cap Ampère) – distance de l’Ecole – 5 minutes



  • RER D - Stade de France - puis bus 139, arrêts "rue Ampère" ou "Carrefour Pleyel" (distance de l’Ecole : 1 km)
  • RER B - La Plaine Stade de France - puis bus 139 (arrêts "rue Ampère" ou "Carrefour Pleyel" (distance de l’Ecole : 1,5 km)
  • RER C - Saint-Ouen - puis bus 139 ou 274 (distance de l’Ecole : 2 km)



  • Depuis l’A86, prendre la sortie 8b.
  • Depuis le périphérique, sortir à Porte de Saint-Ouen ou Porte de Clignancourt.


Bandeau Exchanges Mobility ENS Louis-Lumière

Exchanges and Mobility

The School runs a three-year Master's course in Film (Cinematography), Photography and Sound Engineering. Students have to have at least two years higher education before they sit the (highly competitive) entrance exam. There are only 16 places per department per year.

The first year is a foundation year. The 2nd year is the first year of tuition at Masters level. The 3rd year is devoted to specialisation (1st semester) and graduate research (2nd semester).

International Students

Admission as an international student to ENS Louis-Lumière can be gained in two ways, details of which can be found in Admissions Procedure (EN).

Students accepted on the exchange or mobility programme are usually admitted on the 2nd year of the course, which provides a good mix of theory and practice. A mobility of one or two semesters at most is offered. Please note that we can only accept a maximum of two students per department in any academic year. Tuition fees for non-exchange students are currently set at 1 500€ per semester.

An outline of the current (2013-14) course content can be found here: Cinema (FR), Photography (FR), Sound Engineering (FR). In order for a student to be admitted the school requires a bilateral agreement between partner institutions to be set up or renewed.


ENS Louis-Lumière has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) (FR), providing the general framework within which European and international activities are carried out. The charter covers the period 2014-2020.

We partner with a number of institutions to enable student, professors and staff exchanges and mobility. Details of our international strategy regarding matters of cooperation and mobility can be found in the School's Erasmus Policy Statement (FR). Over the last two academic years, the School has welcomed students from Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Cuba, Ireland, Germany and the Republic of Benin.